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Here is the harvest of a year collecting facts and pictures about my ancestors. What do we know about our ancestors? Photos disappear in shoe boxes and drawers, who was that again? I think it's ... but I'm not sure. And who knows the stories, about Aunt Neeltje that perhaps was poisoned, and her sister Baukje who drowned in a pit, fallen or pushed ...? Or of the grandfather who ended his life in the night after his wife suddenly deceased. The memory of these people, and others sink into the gray mist of bygone eras. Therefore I want to collect the information that is still available, and show it here, for offspring and others who are interested.

The main families on this website; van der Veen from around Veenwouden, van der Meulen of Suawoude, Kamstra of st. Annaparochie, and van der Wal van Lippenhuizen / Hoornsterzwaag.

currently can be found here:

Brief explanation


The general procedure is, find a person by his name, or by using the family tree. Open the family record of the person. Click on the birth, marriage and death dates for transcripts of records, click on the info icon for additional information.

Family Tree

The family tree shows a family, above it three generations of ancestors, and below it the marriages of their children. A click on an ancestor family in the upper 3 rows, makes that family the stem, and also, a click on one of the children makes his family stem. In this way you can navigate through the generations.

A click on the stem family opens it's family record. However, it is also possible to access the record of an ancestor family, or a child, directly by right-clicking it.

The buttons with arrows above in the screen are for navagating back in the familytree. The arrow pointing left takes you back one level in the family tree. The downwards pointing arrow takes you back to the start, and closes all open info-windows.

You will not find information and photos of living people on this site. The names of the first family, for that reason, are indicated with 'Man X' and 'Frou Y'.

Family record

Displays information about a family, names, wedding date and place, birth and death dates. The names of persons of who family information is available, are underlined . Of those families, the husbands/ wifes are investigated, but in a lot af cases not yet the children.

The underlined names also allow you to navigate through the families, a click on one of the parents opens the family in which he or she is a child, a click on a child opens the family in which he or she is a parent. Clicking the family tree icon changes the tree to that family.

A click on the marriage, birth and death dates in the table, opens a window with a transcription of the corresponding deed.

A click on the document icon , next to the person's name, opens a document that shows all available information about that person. If additional information about a person exists, then this is indicated by the symbol. A click on it opens a menu with selection of different information categories. Pick one, and a new window displays the information.

Search functions

The search functions allow you to search the database for names, or for information in texts. You can search for names, patronymics, surnames, or a combination. The second function searches in texts linked to persons, mostly transcriptions of deeds. Both the search functions ar case-insensitive. When entering names, dont use surname prefixes, e.g. not 'de Boer' but just 'Boer' for surname. A help function is included.

Remember when looking for names, that in general the spelling of the names as they appear in the birth records is followed. But in a lot of cases I exchanged the character 'ij' for 'y'. E.g. 'Wijbe' is changed in 'Wybe' end 'Sijtske' in 'Sytske' etc.


Most was taken from the following websites:

Information taken from existing genealogies was verified by me using the original deeds. In no case information has been acquired without thorough checking. Generally spoken, because 99% of the people was born in Friesland, copies of the original deeds can be found on the website of all Frisians. Except for the municipalities of Opsterland, Ooststellingwerf and Weststellingwerf. These can be found on the website of the Mormons, FamilySearch. In that case, the annual range and the index number is indicated between parentheses below the transcription. For example; (FS 1834-1844 Nr.384). This makes the deeds much easier to find, because the name index of FamilySearch is not nearly complete.

Transcriptions of deeds follow as much as possible the original. This means that the errors are taken along. In case of errors in the records I usually added a brief comment.

Extensions after 2013

The Archive

In november 2014 the archive is added to the site. The archive is not publicy available, a username and password are required to take notice of the documents in the archive. An inventory is available via the index. The photos and documents in the archive are not public because of privacy considerations. For those seeking access, there is a registration form.


In early 2015 a page is added where you can see, on a daily basis, a list of people who were born, married or deceased on that day.


In mid 2015, a survey was added that makes reviews of the relationships between people. For each person, lists can be generated showing his or her brothers / sisters, nephews / nieces, uncles / aunts and ancestors and descendants in a particular grade. A second survey is to determine the genetic relationship between two people.

Photo Editor

For this website I often have to edit images, resize photos, cut and paste bits of text etc. Lately I'm sometimes busy with coloring black and white photographs. Because the photo editing software that I used for that purpose did not comply in all cases, I have made myself something to edit images. It runs in the browser and is free. Click here to try it out.

Plans for the future

It is clear that our branch of the family van der Veen originates from Veenwouden, Veenwoudsterwal and environment. Therefore, I am currently adding all the inhabitants of these places, mentioned in the census of 1744 and with adoption of the familyname in 1811, to the database. This with the aim to get a better picture of our ancestors in the period before 1800.

Geart van der Veen

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